Rent a Polaris Slingshot today and experience a whole new level of excitement! Drivers and passengers get a front-row seat to every twist and turn. With a low center of gravity, open cockpit, and 3 wheels launching you forward, the Slingshot is built to turn the open road into your greatest adventure yet. Our Polaris Slingshots offer unique sport-car inspired styling that turn heads at every stop light. Every rental unit offers an automatic transmission, a powerful 178 horsepower engine and an empty curb weight of only 1,652 lbs. The Polaris Slingshot’s impressive power to weight ratio combined with its 8500 RPM redline, is guaranteed to have you grinning from ear-to-ear. Click on the BOOK NOW button to reserve your ride today!

Slingshot Rental Pricing

All rentals include unlimited mileage, full-face DOT approved helmet, safety orientation and optional Damage Waiver protection (Fuel Not Included).


Same-Day Rental Rates

Package Time Prices
Half-Day Rental 4-hours $195
Full-Day Rental 8-hours $225

Over-night Rental Rates

Package Time Prices
Per-night 1-night Rental (Return by 8:00am on due date) $249
Per night 2-Night Rental (Return by 8:00am on due date) $225
Per-night 3-Night Rental (Return by 8:00am on due date) $195

Security Deposit or Optional Damage Waiver

  • $15 per day / Optional Damage Waiver (Caps your liability for Slingshot Damage to just $750. No deposit required when choosing this option)
  • $750 Refundable Deposit / Instead of purchasing a damage waiver, you can choose to leave a refundable security deposit.

Optional Items

  • $40 pre-paid fuel tank (Return your Slingshot on empty and let us worry about filling it) •
  • $10 per day / Optional Road-Side Assistance & Tow-Services